Pricing and Ordering

It has been nearly 30 years since I started building guitars and over the last 12 years I have built professionally for a lot of players, collectors, and some very forward thinking individuals who have pushed me to explore new musical territory through innovative and often radical design concepts. This experience has taught me so much about the guitar, the properties of the woods and materials, and the subtle changes that small design details can bring about. This education has been priceless and well worth the investment of my time and focus.

This next phase will be a personal study of the designs that to me are the pinnacle of my craft, the instrument designs and recipes that are always solid, consistent, and extremely well received. I will be documenting my work as always in my gallery so please keep an eye out for any new work.

Custom Work

Custom work will be on an extremely limited basis as I am taking that space for myself. If you are interested please let me know and I will add you name to a list of interested people. This list is not a waiting list for a predetermined schedule and I am not taking any deposits for future work. I'll just let people know when I have the space and time for any new custom work. If you have any compelling ideas that involve future concepts of the guitar, multiple outputs (analog, cv, etc), and want to deeply explore ergonomics you will probably be interested in what I am working already.

Dealer Representatives

I am currently working with Brian and Jaya at Guitars-Electric. They are both avid players and very enthusiastic about custom guitars, amps, and effects. They are also two of the nicest people you will find in the business. For availability of the newest Myka guitars please contact them at:


I am grateful for all of the encouragement and support from all of you who have joined with me in this creative venture so far. Thank you!~

~David Myka