in 2012 I did a tonewoods experiment with a pair of guitars. The idea was to build something based on the classic '59 burst in my design and style. The experiment produced some interesting sound samples and a great discussion on The Gear Page (

The sound samples are at these two pages:

  A-B-Test (embedded player)
  A-B-Test (direct links)

Both guitars were run straight into my Siegmund Midnight Special, no reverb on the chords. A touch of reverb on the lead. I used a Sennheiser690 on the grill cloth and an SM57 in front off center at the edge pointed towards the cone. These were panned hard right and hard left respectively. Both channels running into a Peavey 12 channel mixer then into a soundcard (not sure what make). Nothing was added to the signal. I did remove some slight noise.