2006 Dragonfly Custom #045 Sounds Page

Many thanks to Carl for allowing me to use these recordings which he so graciously provided (complete with commentary!). On the 2 test files the guitar is run pretty much straight in to the board with a little reverb added. On the full song it runs through into the Klon pedal and is also mic'd for the acoustic tones from the f holes. The positions referenced on the tracks follow the electronics description in the instrument specifications at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!~

These recordings were done using a Fostex VF16 digital recorder with a "room reverb" setting added at mixdown.

Both of the following demo recordings were done with a 10w Roland Cube running directly into the board.

This recording illustrates the wide range of tone available from this instrument. Track 1 (7.73 MB): MykaTestTones.mp3
This recording highlights the lead tones available over a jazzy vamp. Track 2 (3.19 MB): MykaRangeofTones.mp3

For this full song recording the Dragonfly was run through a Klon pedal with a low gain setting routed into a Behringer Ultra Gain tube mic pre amp sent direct into the board. There is no amp used. The acoustic tones were achieved by an AKG Perception 100 microphone set about 6 inches away from the upper f hole also run through a Behringer Ultra Gain. The rhythm track used the middle pickup selection on the Dragonfly and position 5, the Shadow humbucker, was used for the lead.

Here is a complete recording with drums, guitar, and percussion. Track 3 (5.68 MB): dagirlfromEmpanada.mp3


  • Guitars (all tracks): Carl Clark
  • Drums (track 3): David Castello

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Curly Walnut Dragonfly #045

Top: Curly Claro Walnut
Body: Curly Black Limba
Neck: Curly Black Limba
Fingerboard: Wild Indian Rosewood

Pickups: Shadow SH AZ48 Floating Neck Humbucker, 2 Suhr VL60 middle and bridge single coils
   Master volume, master tone push/pull series/parallel for bridge and middle pickups in positions 2 and 4
      1) Bridge
      2) Bridge and Middle (series/parallel)
      3) Middle
      4) Neck with Bridge (series/parallel)
      5) Neck

Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer top and headstock with Tru Oil on the back and neck