Introducing the 'sister in wood' to the incredible #028. The neck from this guitar was from the same tree. And this guitar is an awesome player. The v-neck is very comfortable to hold and play chords with as well as playing single note runs. The neck is fast with the compound radius and medium frets. The cocobolo imparts an amazingly tight low end response as well as a rich harmonic content to the tones. The construction of my necks and the 'secret' truss rod treatment couple the entire neck together as an integral unit resonating as one. The tonal advantages are many. Necks made this way have a superior range and clarity and the structure of the reinforcement allows the wood to be free to resonate more fully. And if that weren't enough the carbon fiber eliminates dead spots for a fully responsive instrument all the way up the neck. Not to mention the incredible beauty and stability of a cocobolo neck!

    This guitar also features matching pickups covers. They turned out great. This particular set was also bookmatched for a perfect grain match with the top.

    The Stetsbar tremolo is a serious step in the right direction for tremolo units. There is no need to route away all the precious tonewood anymore. The action is smooth as silk and tuning stability is excellent. The Sperzel tuners were chosen for their lightweight and locking feature for tuning stability with the tremolo.

    The variety of tone and the switching versatility make for a completely custom sound. Custom electronics are a way to make a very unique instrument with tonal possibilities that are not usually possible. Often it takes a modification to a standard switch to open up the doors to some real interesting possibilities.


Doublecut #025

Top: Quilted maple
Body: Mahogany
Neck: Cocobolo
Fingerboard: Ebony
Binding: Curly koa w/fine black line
Scale Length: 24.625"
Frets: 24

Pickups: Lollar P90s mid/neck, Rio Grande babybucker bridge
Switching:   3-way: Bridge/minis/neck
  neck vol/tone stack
  bridge/mid vol/tone stack
  on/off for each pickup
  Mid boost/cut circuit

  Bridge: Stetsbar Tremolo
  Tuners: Gold Locking Sperzels

Coloring: Dyed top with tiger eye stain. Same golden/brown on back to match.
  Body: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  Neck: Nothing but bare wood for that rosewood feel!